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The following post was written by Giulia Dwight, a senior Communication Management and Design major.

There is something about New York City that has always fascinated me. Maybe it’s the way that it always has something to give. Maybe it’s the way that people don’t stop, the lights don’t go off, the trains run all night… everything moves, constantly. So when at IC we were told they were starting a new program which would allow us to spend a semester in NYC, I knew I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity. I moved to New York on May 23rd with 5 suitcases and desire to live, learn, explore. A few days later my friends moved in as well and by the end of the month I was settled in and taking the L train to Union Square, switching to the NQR and getting off at Herald Square to head to my new desk on 6th Ave and 37th St. That desk is now the old one. The new one is at 2 Penn Plaza at the World’s Most Famous Arena.

I knew since I was just a kid that I would one day live and work in the big city. Every time I came on vacation I looked at all the beautiful women in black dresses and Louboutin pumps walking the streets next to men in suits – who knows what wonderful careers they had. I looked at my boots, my warm red jacket and my blue jeans and dreamed about the day I too would live that life. Obviously I am not there yet. Internship pay will buy me a pair of shoes in ChinaTown (jk, I can afford to stop by Century 21 at times) and my friends don’t wear suits. But it doesn’t bother me at all, because when I wake up I have a reason to try and be a little better than the day before, work a little harder, improve my makeup, fill up my schedule, look professional, be healthy. There is something about the opportunity to be here that makes me want to give 200% each day, whether it comes to my professional, my educational, or my social life. Everywhere I go, at whatever time of day, I feel the energy of 8million people showing me that being here is my one shot at getting the life I want.

I talk to my friends about being here and we all take away something different from it. We all see the upsides and the downsides of being here, and although the idea is generally similar (free museum nights, concerts and plays in the park, the most amazing variety of good food), the small things are very individual. For example, I like taking the L train in the morning, during rush hour; no matter how packed and uncomfortably close to each we have to stand, there is a certain unspoken etiquette that leaves me speechless. I like getting out of the gym on 19th, walking to Whole Foods to grab a bite to eat, and sitting on the footsteps of Union Square for a while. I have met some of the most interesting people on those footsteps; I even networked on those footsteps. Then it comes to the things that I don’t like so much… no matter how many people I meet every day, I do realize that my closest friends are miles away. Some coffee costs $3 a cup, and even though I would gladly make it myself before leaving for work, the size of my kitchen (which is also a laundry room and a bathroom) just makes me change my mind.

I don’t think that everyone is made for this city. It takes a lot of energy and a little bit of insanity to like it here. But I do think that this city is for everyone. No matter what you like and what you do, you will find people to share it with. At one point I considered doing a program somewhere else. I am incredibly glad I ended up deciding on ICNYC. Thank you Ithaca College, this has truly been the most educational, exciting, frustrating, and motivating experience so far.

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I got Nick Carter's autograph!

Ithaca College senior Health Care Management student Carin Pracht is interning with NYU Langone Medical Center this fall through the ICNYC program. She will share some of her experiences of living and working in New York City in this blog. Check back for updates.

My ICNYC experience didn’t start in a cab or a subway or a bus. It started in a limousine.

Moving to New York City isn’t like moving to any other town. You can’t just rent a U-Haul and pull in front of your apartment to drop off your boxes. To get all my stuff from Buffalo, my mom and I took an Amtrak train with four large suitcases, four smaller suitcases, and one piece of carry-on luggage.

Our train was supposed to arrive in New York at 6 p.m. but it was delayed and we didn’t get into Penn Station until 2:30 a.m. When we went to get a cab, we found out a limo would cost $25 and a cab $30. So, naturally, we decided to take the limo. Not a bad way to start your semester.

It’s interesting, people talk about New York City and how it’s all hustle and bustle but – and I don’t want to say there is no settling period – but there is no settling period. You quickly adopt the mentality of go-go-go and learn to adapt to whatever may come your way. I found myself acting and feeling like a true New Yorker in no time. My turning point was when I was able to give directions to another person!

I am living in apartments that were suggested by IC. Let me tell you that the location is absolutely perfect! Times Square is a five-minute walk, Central Park a 30 minute jog, the ICNYC Center is an eight-minute walk, and of course Macy’s is a three-minute walk. It’s also right near my internship at NYU Langone Medical Center and the Visiting Nurse Service of New York. My room is cozy and I get to live with girls from all over the world. My best friends ended being from Alabama and Lithuania!

It was pretty easy to get a room; I just had to be proactive. I sent my application in about May for moving in at the end of August. There’s a waiting list but I found out in June that I had the room. I think this is the cheapest place to live in the city with my room costing about $1260 a month. However, you get so much for your money. They have maids that come in and make your bed, deliver clean linens weekly, a security guard, and there’s a dining room that serves two decent meals each day. It is awesome to come home from work and already have a decent dinner waiting.

I’ve tried to explore the city but you quickly realize you’re never going to be able to do everything. I went to Good Morning America and got Nick Carter’s autograph (see picture). I have loved him since his Backstreet Boys days! I also saw Leonardo DiCaprio, did some window shopping at Tiffany & Co., ate at the famous Shake Shack, fell in the ocean at Coney Island, became a screaming fan in Lenny Kravitz’s new music video, and went to the Global Citizen Concert for free to see Carrie Underwood, Jay-Z, Beyonce, No Doubt, and Fun. There is never a dull moment and this city truly never sleeps.

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Devin at her CNBC internship.

Devin Hance spent the spring 2014 semester in the ICNYC program, interning at CNN and CNBC. She is a junior Television-Radio major and will continue to intern at CBNC this summer.

So far this spring I have had the pleasure of interning at CNN and CNBC all semester. When I got the phone calls from these networks I could not believe what I was hearing. So I eagerly accepted both internship opportunities hoping that each network would give me days that did not conflict. CNN requested me on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and CNBC asked me to work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So my schedule worked out perfectly.

At CNN I started my internship journey with Showbiz Tonight. For a girl who loves keeping up to date with entertainment news, I was excited to contribute to this show. I learned so much about the editorial side of things. It was my job to go to the morning meetings and help pitch story ideas, book and greet the guests for the day, and research and add fun elements to each block of the show. Once it was show time, it was my job to print the scripts for our anchor, AJ Hammer, and make sure everything and everyone was where it needed to be. Greeting celebrity guests was very exciting form me. One of my favorite celebrities that I greeted was Meat Loaf. He was full of career and life advice, and even asked if I wanted a picture with him (which of course I did!).

My first month with Showbiz was so fast-pace and fun, but unfortunately in February, after 9 years, Showbiz got taken off the air. I was sad because I really loved the team I was working with but it was also a good learning experience for me learn that things like this constantly happen in the TV industry. The world of TV is constantly changing. My intern agreement with CNN allowed me to still stay with the network until April so once Showbiz was officially over, I got moved to Jane Velez-Mitchell show. I was nervous to start with an entire new team but it was an awesome experience. Unlike Showbiz Tonight, which was taped then sent to air, Jane Velez-Mitchell show was live every weekday at 7 p.m. Jane gave me an inside look of what it takes to put together a live-one hour-show segment. She always gave me excellent feedback and challenged me with new tasks, including writing a draft for one of her stories.

Over at CNBC I am the digital department intern. Every day I am either in the control room or out doing a field shoot with reporters. They make me feel like I am a part of the team. I get to edit packages, pitch ideas, shoot footage, and execute my own ideas. I also help with a lot of the online content and work with the producers on all the digital shows that CNBC produces. It has by far been the best experience I could ask for with an internship. Everyone at CNBC is so welcoming and willing to teach me. They asked me to stay on and intern with them until August, and I could not be happier!

Through my work there with numerous reporters, I also had the opportunity to work with Ithaca College alumna Kelli Grant. I was so happy to discover she is a fellow Bomber. She has been wonderful, and is always there to talk to and give advice. I love working with her.

One of my favorite days at CNBC was when they sent me out on Wall Street to pull sound bites from people on the street for a package we were putting together. It was a great experience. I am not a journalism student, so this experience taught me a lot about what it takes to go out and be a reporter.  I had to educate myself on the topic and make sure I sounded credible. I never imagined I would be working in the area of business and financial news until I began working here ... and now I love it!

I am so thankful for the ICNYC program. Ithaca truly has allowed me to succeed beyond belief. I am eager to return to campus in the fall for my senior year and share all my experiences. Then I plan to participate in the ICNYC program again next spring.



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Photo taken by Matthew Stenberg

Ithaca College senior Sport Media student Matthew Stenberg is interning with Sirius XM radio this fall through the ICNYC program. He will share some of his experiences of living and working in New York City in this blog. Check back for updates.

Every installment of a radio show has something called a rundown. It’s essentially a schedule for the day, giving hosts and producers a list of what topics will be discussed and what guests that will appear on the show.

Rundowns are important to the success of a show because they give structure, but just because something is scheduled to happen doesn’t mean it will. Segments run long. Guests drop out. News breaks. It’s this imperfection however that allows a good producer turn a stale show into a topical, relevant four hours of radio.

At my internship at SiriusXM radio, I’ve had the opportunity to see how this works from behind the scenes. When a story breaks, the producer immediately tries to find someone who can come on air and discuss the latest information. We have a pretty extensive list of people we can contact at Sirius and my producer has a cell phone full of numbers for different NFL players, coaches, and people from around the league. So basically, if news breaks he can be on the phone with somebody asking if they want to come on within minutes.

A few weeks ago the Monday Night Football game between the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots ended with a questionable call. This is something that you can’t really predict, so we had to adjust. Our producer quickly changed what was originally planned and got in touch with the officiating analyst at Fox Sports so we could get his take on the final play.

Flexibility is important in radio and our producer keeps that in mind when he puts together the rundown. He’ll often schedule in extra time to allow for news to break and an unplanned guest to pop in. For example we had five guests the other day, only two of which were planned. Throughout the show our producer kept asking us who we thought was relevant to come on and give a couple minutes of their time.

With just a few weeks left in my internship, I’m continuing to refine my skills and learn a few new ones along the way. Practice makes perfect so every day doing the same things over and over, you hone your skills, you become better at everything and if you’re not, you’re doing something wrong.

In addition to screening calls, editing audio, and working the board, I’ve also started working with different types of audio storage software. The program SiriusXM uses is different than the one I used at Ithaca College, so there's been a learning curve but I've got the hang of it now. Not every station uses the same type of software so it's been helpful to add a new program to my repertoire. 

On the personal side, I was able to see Third Eye Blind in concert a few weeks ago and I plan on seeing Eli Young Band in early December. After that, it won’t be long before I’m back home for the holidays. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone but I’m glad I did the semester in New York City and I’m definitely glad I got the experience I did.

Check back at the end of the semester for one final update. 

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Jessica Deyoe '15 with her friends. (From left to right): Kathryn McKenna '15, Jessica, Brianna Ryan '15 and Lauren Mazzo '15.

Jessica Deyoe is a junior pursuing a degree in Legal Studies. While in New York City, she is interning at Citi.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been living in NYC for over two months now. If not for the ICNYC program, I wouldn’t be having this experience at all. Coming to NYC to take classes and, more importantly, have an internship has allowed me to grow as a person in the most amazing of ways I didn’t think possible.

When I first heard of this program, there was no doubt in my mind I wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity. I wanted to try living somewhere new and different from my hometown and Ithaca because I’ve always wondered if I would enjoy city life. With this in mind, I decided what better way to discover if I would like NYC enough to live there for years than to do a semester through ICNYC with three of my best friends.

I moved to NYC the week before my internship at Citi and classes started. Since I’ve only visited a handful of times, it made sense that during my first week I would work on getting a handle on the much dreaded subway system. Luckily, by the end of the week, the subway was no longer intimidating and I’ve gotten to the point where I wish there were subways in my hometown and Ithaca because it’s just so much quicker and easier to get around than driving yourself.

The internships in NYC are a lot of work, time and responsibility, but they are well worth it. In the short amount of time I’ve been here, I have been given an immense amount of responsibility at my internship and even though it can be intimidating, it is also the experience of a lifetime. It can be challenging balancing the internship and classes, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to enjoy living in the city that never sleeps.

With the Art and Architecture class, the Internship Class and organized events through the program, and your own personal excursions with friends, you’ll be amazed by the amount of fun things you can fit into an already busy schedule. The art class is my favorite class this semester because we go to museums or tours of central park on a weekly basis, but it’s also how I made a variety of friends I never would have met if not for this program. The internship class may not seem exciting but the alumni who come in to talk to the class have been extremely helpful with tips and are perfect connections to make while in NYC, especially if you plan on living here for more than just the semester.

My favorite things, by far, however, have been adventures with my best friends with whom I’ve grown closer than I thought possible. As much as I’m enjoying this experience and wouldn’t give it up for anything, I know that the people I’m experiencing it with have made a huge difference and the memories we’ve made together are unforgettable. Time flies during the ICNYC Program and I can hardly believe I’ve already completed eleven weeks at my internship. Take advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves, but also make your own opportunities because this is a once in a lifetime experience.


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