News From The Director

Hersey Egginton, Director
March 2015

As I write it is less than five days until spring, but the temperature is dipping below freezing again overnight and there is still lots of snow in Central Park and on long-parked cars on the city streets.  This semester’s ICNYC students might have thought that they’d get a break from an Ithaca winter, but in terms of cold temperatures and snow accumulation it’s been a record breaker in New York.

Despite the weather, however, it’s been a great semester thus far and an important one for the program.  There are 44 students enrolled from every School at the College with the exception of the School of Music which participates in the fall.  This is the second largest enrollment since the program’s inception three years ago.  In February ICNYC was one of three programs featured at the dinner at the New York Public Library the night before the Board of Trustees meeting in New York.

This semester, for the first time, there has been a schedule of Sunday afternoon activities for students in addition to the Tuesday night seminars.  Sundays have offered visits to iconic NYC museums while the seminars have focused on alumni speakers. 

On-site course offerings have been expanded this semester to include a Park School course, Media Literacy, Gender, Race and Ethnicity, taught by adjunct instructor and CUNY Ph.D. candidate Anahi Douglas.  Direct Marketing and Art of NYC were also offered again, taught by Mr. Michael Kaplan ’85 and Dr. Harry Weil, respectively.

For the remainder of the semester, students will have the opportunity to hear the bi-annual School of Music concert at Alice Tully Hall, enjoy a picnic in Central Park and take the PATH train to Hoboken to see the Ithaca men’s lacrosse team take on Stevens Tech.