Student Stories and Testimonials

Kerry Tkacik '12Kerry Tkacik '12
Interned at Rolling Stones

My name is Kerry Tkacik, and I am a journalism major spending my last semester in New York City with ICNYC. After a few months as an editorial intern at Rolling Stone, I earned my first byline last week on Rolling Stone’s website. Thanks to a timely offer from an Ithaca College alum, I was invited along with the rest of the program’s students, to see an advanced viewing of the film Lincoln, and to attend a post-show Q&A with Daniel Day Lewis and Steven Spielberg. I wrote a preview of the film that highlighted the best moments of the chat and it went live the following morning. 

The “thank you” I received from one of the online content editors and her congratulations on landing within the top ten most viewed items for the site that day have been some of the best moments at Rolling Stone so far. I am immensely grateful to the program and its extensive network in the city for being instrumental in the completion of my first piece for Rolling Stone.