Study Abroad

After AcceptanceAfter Acceptance

Once you have been accepted to a study abroad program (exchange program, affiliated program, or non-affiliated program), you will need to schedule a study abroad paperwork appointment with the Office of International Programs. You can schedule this meeting by calling the office 607-274-3306 during normal business hours, or by filling out the Study Abroad Appointment form.  Note that London Center students do not need to schedule a study abroad paperwork appointment.   

In this meeting, your study abroad adviser will go over the necessary paperwork to ensure that your credits transfer back to Ithaca College as well as to explain the steps you need to take to make sure all offices on campus are aware that you plan to go abroad:

  1. Students will need to fill out and upload to their online file a Petition for Transfer/Assignment of Credit form to ensure the seamless transfer of their coursework.  Please note that Park School students are not eligible to transfer in credit for independent studies or internships that are completed outside of the formal Park School approval process.  If a Park student has officially declared a second major or minor outside of the Park School, students can check with the designated department chair to see if they would allow independent study/internship credit to count towards these requirements.  Students who choose to participate in non-affiliated programs are also not eligible to transfer in credit for these types of experiences.  This does not prohibit students from participating in independent studies or internship programs, but it does mean that they will not receive Ithaca College credit for their independent studies or internship experiences.
  2. Students will also read, sign and upload a Study Abroad Release form.
  3. Students will be given an Administrative Approval form which requires several different departmental signatures.  Those who receive any form of financial aid (scholarships, grants, or loans) will be required to schedule a meeting with Student Financial Services (SFS) so that any eligible financial aid can be transferred to the study abroad program.  An SFS representative will sign the Administrative Approval and give the form back to the student. 
  4. The Administrative Approval form also requires a signature from the Office of Residential Life if you are living on campus.
  5. In addition, students who have been accepted to a non-affiliated program are required to pay a $415 (semester) or $200 (summer/winter) study abroad administrative fee to Student Financial Services
  6. and must meet with Student Affairs to arrange their Leave of Absence (non-affiliated programs only). 

In addition, students need to attend a series of 2 or 3 mandatory study abroad orientations (if going abroad for a full semester) OR 1 or 2 sessions if going abroad for the summer or winter.  These sessions are typically held in November/December for winter/spring study abroad, and in April for summer/fall study abroad. London Center students attend orientation in October for the spring or the April for the fall.