Study Abroad


We know we are a bit biased, but we believe that studying abroad is one of the most valuable opportunities students can take advantage of during their undergraduate years. Almost all students (99.9%) returning from studying abroad tell us it was the best semester of their college career and most would happily go abroad again if they could.

The benefits of studying abroad are numerous and include:

  • Improves intercultural communication skills
  • Adds opportunity to learn or improve on a language
  • Increases self confidence, maturity and flexibility
  • Gives individuals the opportunity to gain work experience overseas via internships
  • Provides competitive advantage when looking for jobs
  • Helps students to achieve a global perspective on emerging issues

There are numerous opportunities for students to study abroad; where students go and in which programs they participate, is largely a personal choice. The Office of International Programs (OIP) is dedicated to assisting students in finding the choice that best suits their needs and in ensuring that students are completely prepared to engage in this important and momentous undertaking. Many of our students who study abroad have never been outside of the United States, though many also have had extensive travel experience.

As a parent, you are naturally concerned about your child undertaking such a large journey on their own and we hope that this section will help you to better understand how you can be helpful to your child as they prepare to study abroad. We have provided you with some information that address items such as safety concerns, health concerns, culture shock and re-entry, logistics regarding finances and transfer of credit. We hope you will find this section useful and encourage you to please let us know if there is anything else we could include that would be helpful.