Study Abroad

Health Concerns

Health issues vary tremendously from country to country.  Because of this, certain countries may require students to have additional immunizations, over and above what we require here in the U.S., before entrance is granted.

Again, students are always debriefed during orientation sessions concerning health issues abroad and Ithaca College programs will not enter areas where serious health risks are known to be an issue. If students have personal health issues we strongly urge them to consider how those will be affected while overseas.  It is also a good idea for students to fully disclose such information to program directors and advisers. In many instances, programs can accommodate certain health issues, but not always. An excellent source of information for health considerations is the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Students should check with their health insurance providers to ensure that they will be appropriately covered while overseas. They should understand what the nature of that coverage is and should know how they go about filing a claim. In some cases, additional insurance may be necessary.  Students going abroad to the London Center program, exchange programs, and Ithaca College faculty-led are required to purchase an additional health/travel insurance package offered by Ithaca College, whereas, students attending affiliated programs will be required to purchase an additional health/travel insurance offered by the organization.