Program Options

Non-Affiliated Programs

If one of the Ithaca College, Exchange, or affiliated programs does not seem appropriate, Ithaca students can study abroad through any program run by an accredited institution. Every student has different needs and interests, whether personal, academic or financial, and there are hundreds of well-respected, accredited study abroad programs all over the world to satisfy individual student needs. If a student wishes to study on a non-affiliated program, it is very important that he/she speak with the Office of International Programs at Ithaca College to determine if a specific program is properly accredited. Not all programs are accredited, and students cannot receive credit for a program run by a non-accredited institution.

Students who go on a non-affiliated program must take a leave of absence from Ithaca College if studying abroad for a semester or year. Credits taken on a non-affiliated program will transfer back, provided the student completes and submits appropriate paperwork, and earns grades of C- or better in the classes. Grades from non-affiliated programs do not transfer, and will not have an impact on the student’s cumulative GPA.

A $415 study abroad administrative fee is charged when students participate in a non-affiliated semester program ($200 for winter/summer programs), and the student will be required to put down a $400 tuition deposit to hold his/her place at Ithaca College for the following semester.