Study Abroad

Supporting Your Child

Students can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the idea of studying abroad, either because of the application process or because of the enormous changes involved. As parents, your support for your child will help them to feel confident while embarking upon their semester abroad and again upon their return.  Students will be filling out important documents and many times require a student visa to gain access to the country they will be studying in.  

Although it is in your nature as a parent to assist your child, we strongly encourage you to allow your child to take the necessary initiative such tasks require.  While they are abroad, they will have to assume responsibility for themselves in ways they may not be used to and by giving them the opportunity to practice before they leave, it may help them better adjust to this independent way of living.


Of course, the Ithaca College Office of International Programs and program providers are always available to assist your child and to answer any question you may have, so please do not hesitate to call.