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Become a Part of Something Big
IC After Dark works hard on bringing some of the biggest and most fun events on campus.  It’s for students by students, and that’s what makes our events so awesome.  The themes, food, prizes and giveaways: we make sure it’s everything students want... and now you have the chance to make it happen!

Our volunteers are a huge part of our success. They help us out by tabling, hanging up flyers, and setting up and working at events. It’s a great way to be involved on campus without making a huge commitment. If you’re planning on applying for our Executive Board or just want to build up your resume, become a volunteer today! Don’t worry, we don’t bite. Visit our Volunteer page and fill out our sign-up form anytime during the year. Feel free to include a little blurb about yourself and why you want to become a volunteer. It’s just another way for us to get to know you better.

Executive Board
The Executive Board is responsible for planning, marketing, and executing all IC After Dark events.  We put a lot of hard work into creating some of the best events on campus because we love what we do.  Yeah, we’re only a student organization, but much of what we do in the board room applies to the real world.  Plus, it makes a great resumé addition!

How to Apply
After Dark accepts applications twice a year.  There are recruitment nights in the fall and in the spring. To apply, just download the application from our website, attach your resumé, and email them both to icafterdark@gmail.com.  You can also email icafterdark@gmail.com to request an application or stop by the SAC (3rd floor, Campus Center) to pick one up.  Please keep in mind that when you are applying, you are applying for a position for the following semester’s Executive Board. We may make some exceptions, but we’ll keep you posted if that happens.

What to Expect
As much as we love to have fun, we take what we do very seriously.  Executive Board members are highly committed to their involvement with IC After Dark and you can expect to put in a decent amount of time and work in for each event.  Of course, school always comes first, but we hope you can share our passion for creating fun and memorable experiences for the Ithaca College community to enjoy!