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Meet the Advisors

Jacqueline Winslow, Assistant Director of Residential Education

I am one of the two advisors for RHA at Ithaca College. Since 2004, I have advised student government groups on college campuses. This year, I am very excited to work with the talented students of IC and help them achieve their goals as a student group. My favorite thing about RHA is the (often realized) potential for student programming, change, and advocacy for and on behalf of residential students. RHA is an extremely well connected group on campus that has great impact on you and your campus community. I am continually impressed by the work of students and am honored to serve as their advisor this year! Within the IC community, I also serve as the  Assistant Director for Residential Education within the Office of Residential Life. In this role, I am responsible for many of the educational components of students' Residence Hall experiences. I oversee the First Year Residential Experience and work closely with the live-in staff and Faculty/Staff Associates on this program. I also support the Residential Learning Communities housed within our mixed population residence halls. My background includes three degrees from the University of Delaware: a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, a Master of Arts in Interpersonal Communication & Conflict Mediation, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership with a focus on Curriculum, Technology, and Higher Education. Shockingly, I've already begun brainstorming what my next degree could be in... On a personal note, I love dogs, art, designing jewelry/crafting, and shopping.

Michaelangelo Misseri, Residence Director- Hilliard, Holmes, and Hood halls

Hello! My name is Michaelangelo Misseri and I am one of the two advisors for RHA this year.  I currently work at IC as the Residence Director (RD) for Hilliard, Holmes, and Hood halls. I manage the day-to-day operations with a staff of 16 Resident Assistants and 1 Senior Resident Assistant. Together, we ensure the safety and security of the HHH residence halls, as well as provide engaging educational and social programs for the residents of HHH.  HHH is a First Year Residential Experience, FYRE, community. Through FYRE, first year students are presented with many opportunities to interact and engage in their community that aid in a successful transition into the college community, as well as explore their ICC theme through educational programs put on by FYRE Associates and Resident Assistants.  My office is located in 102, Hilliard Hall. Please feel free to stop in to see me or email/call me with any questions or concerns you may have.  IC has such great students, I’m anxious to get to know as many as I possibly can.