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Executive Board

Our team ran in order to dedicate our year to reconnecting with our constituents, and making it clear that SGA is focused on the interests of students first and foremost. We are a group of students that have spent our time at IC to serve through our presence and leadership with various other organizations on this campus. From the MLK Scholars Program, to the student organizations STAT, Created Equal, Brothers for Brothers, Sisters to Sisters, and many others, we have tried to dedicate our time and energy to being contributors to the campus community. As the new E-Board for SGA, we plan on doing the same as change agents for our constituents. 


Our team consists of:

  1. Crystal Kayiza (President)
  2. Aaron Lipford (VP of Campus Affairs)
  3. Kaitlin Logsdon (VP of Academic Affairs)
  4. Kyle James (VP of Communications)
  5. Anikah Shaokat (Senate Chair)