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VP of Academic Affairs


Kyle D. James

Hello Everyone!

My name is Kyle D. James and I am the Vice President of Academic Affairs for the 2015-2016 academic year.


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Since joining SGA in the fall of 2013, it has been my goal to be as active as possible in regards to the academic achievement of this campus. I am so very excited for my role in the upcoming academic year! This year I hope to accomplish these goals, along with many more:


The foundation of your academic experience is in liberal arts, and that means that you most likely are a part of the ICC. We’re committed to working with and talking to you to get to know exactly what your concerns and suggestions are with the ICC, and how we can best interact with the administration to achieve goals that we all set together. We'll be working with the office of the Provost to share their surveys and data collection initiatives with you so that we can create a culture of transparency and utilize our network of students to increase what the school knows about how you interact with the ICC. Efforts will be directed to ensure the maximum amount of courses are put forth every semester to count for themes so that students have appropriate options should availability for theme classes not perfectly align with major/minor required courses. These efforts will also include recommendations to have ICC courses at the IC London Center, as well as the ICNYC and ICLA programs. 

Alumni Involvement in Academics.
Our alumni are great resources. We all have alums that we look up to, and dream of becoming. Imagine a system where alumni can work together with faculty and departments to help craft meaningful and interesting curriculum that will help you get ready for your dream job. We're looking to work with Institutional Advancement and individual programs to make this a reality. 

Indigenous Studies & LGBTQ Studies Minors.
IC desperately lacks both an Indigenous studies and LGBTQ studies minor. We’re going to work as hard as we can to get both of these minors approved to be academic programs at IC. Indigenous studies is something that can permeate into discussions and programs on our campus every day. We’re lacking a tenure track position that will help to show that the college takes the issues that are of paramount importance to students and faculty seriously. We have a fantastic LGBT center on campus that provides amazing resources to people in the LGBTQ communities -- let’s take that a step further, building off my work in previous semesters, in creating an LGBTQ minor. This initiative has been in the work for over a year, and we’re ready to make it a reality.

Course Evaluations.
We've read the report on evaluations in the IC 20/20 documents. It shows a lack of commitment to being innovative, and researching what works at our institution in particular. We will be looking to pass initiatives and bills that will work toward a more reasonable, actionable, and sensible course evaluation system that protects the identities of the students doing the course evaluations for the most accurate results.

Study Abroad Options. 
The number of affiliated programs has dropped in recent years, making it more difficult for students to study abroad. While the Office of International Programs claims it cannot make any more official connections, feasibility studies should be conducted to see what relationships IC has to other institutions and ideas should be tossed around on how those connections can be better publicized to students.

IB/AP/CLEP Equality.
As students, we all worked extremely hard in high school or community college and challenged ourselves with some of the toughest courses our schools had to offer. However, IC does not hold AP, IB, and CLEP credit with the same regard and offers different transfer credit for different tests. Work needs to go into either justifying or altering the discrimination that IC places on some tests in comparison to others. A discussion will also be started on whether these credits can be counted for ICC requirements as well.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns, thank you!