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VP of Communications

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Kyle James

Because SGA represents the student voice to the administration, it is imparitive that we remain as transparent as possible with constant communications to the students. 

This year we're implementing new communications channels to do so. The SGA blog will be launching in a few weeks that will give all students a summary of what happens in each SGA meeting. We also will be laucnhing a new email communications plan that will be able to alert faculty, staff, departments, and student organizations of topics that will be discussed in our meetings that may be relevant to them. Next, we will be proposing a new bill system that will require SGA senators to get 25 signatures from their constituents before proposing a bill in SGA. This will ensure the student body is aware of what their representatives are trying to get passed in SGA, and give them an opportunity to voice their opinions on it before it is presented. Finally, we also we be creating Twitter accounts for each of the Executive Board members to add another way students can be in contact with the ones who are representing them. This will be a part of a larger social media rollout that SGA will be working on as well.

After an amazing first year in SGA, I am extremely excited to spend my second year as the VP of Communications. Last year SGA did amazing things for the campus community, and I, along with the rest of SGA, am committed to seeing those initiatives continued as well as new ones started.

There are many things happening around Ithaca College, as we are amidst a time of change. It's my goal to make sure that the student voice is heard during this time to ensure that IC is a place that we are all proud to call our home.

Feel free to email me at anytime, drop into my office hours, or email me to setup an appointment. I look forward to representing you this year!

- Kyle