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VP of Business & Finance

Evan Layne

Evan Layne

Hello everyone,

As a brief introduction, I am a Senior Business Administration major with concentrations in Marketing and International Business. I am also minoring in Spanish and the Ithaca College Honors Program. 

Coming from a tiny town in the middle of Massachusetts, I was eager to take advantage of the expansive opportunities that were available to me as a student at Ithaca College. Being able to learn about, develop, and pursue my passions has been a privilege that is entirely unique from my provincial origins. These passions include language education, food security, equal opportunity and other social justice related topics. My experiences at IC have been made possible, in large part, by the support of the Student Government Association and OSEMA. The chance to give back to that cycle and be able to provide support to others with passionate interests is an opportunity that I take quite seriously.

As Vice President of Business & Finance, and consequently chair of the Appropriations Committee, most of your issues and concerns for me will be regarding the Funding Process. 
While this process is fairly concrete, it is still a living, breathing, set of steps that will evolve and change. My goal is to keep concerned parties well informed of the changes. On the other hand, your feedback is essential towards the betterment of this process.


The mandatory Funding 101 quiz is available on Orgsync. You can access the form here 

The funding request form is also available on Orgsync. Please do not fill out this form until you have received credit for Funding 101. You can access the form here

The appeals form is also available on Orgsync. You can access the form here

Eligibility for receiving funding has not changed, your student organization needs to be part of OSEMA, and have completed the relevant funding quizzes.