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VP of Business & Finance

Brandon Xing

Hello everyone,

Thanks for visiting my page! As a brief introduction, I am a Senior Business Administration Major with a concentration in Finance. I am also minoring in Communication Studies. During the 2013-2014 school year, I served as Senator of the School of Business. 

I have been part of the Student Government Association all four of my undergraduate years. During that time, I have been privileged to work with extraordinary student leaders on campus. My perspective is constantly being challenged and changed for the better as I spend more time and interact with my fellow students. Their spirit drives me to pursue goals in parity of their achievements, and I can only hope that my peers may one day see me in the same light. 

Unfortunately, each of us is only given a certain amount of time here at Ithaca College. Some of us spend a little more time, some of us leave a little earlier, but our time is ultimately limited, and in that limited time, it is my belief that we should try and make our piece of the world a little better. There is no time to settle for "good enough" or "adequate," my goal is to constantly improve and continuously innovate. 

As Vice President of Business & Finance, and consequently chair of the Appropriations Committee, most of your issues and concerns for me will be regarding the Funding Process. 
While this process is fairly concrete, it is still a living, breathing, set of steps that will evolve and change. My goal is to keep concerned parties well informed of the changes. On the other hand, your feedback is essential towards the betterment of this process.

Thank you, I hope we can make this year something special for us, and for people in the years to come. 

The new funding website is now on Orgsync! You can access the form here

Access to the Appeal's Form is also accessed here

Eligibility for receiving funding has no changed, your student organization needs to be part of OSEMA, and have completed the relevant funding quizzes.