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Executive Board

VP of Business & Finance

Evan Layne

SGA Vice President of Business and Finance 

  • Oversees allocation of the Student Activities Fund, and chairs the Appropriations Committee   

Business and Finance Assistant 

  • Ginny Fimmano

Appropriations Committee 

  • Sub-committee of the SGA tasked with reviewing budget proposals, applying Allocations Handbook regulations, and voting to allocate funds

  • Membership
    • Business and Finance Assistant - Ginny Fimmano
    • Senior Appropriations Committee Members - Lexa Pennell, James Chen, Joseph Fenning 
    • Junior Appropriations Committee Members - Oliver Chag, Jonathan Couce, Tyler Alden, Seondre Carolina, James Flinn


****The Student Activities Fund for 2015-2016 has been allocated in its entirety. Any returned funds will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.***


Fall 2016 Funding Process

This funding process is for student organizations hoping to submit Operational Budgets for Fall 2016, as well as Programming, Travel, Fundraising, and Multi-Organization Budgets for Block 1 of Fall 2016

Funding Request Form 

  • Click title above for link -- also found on Orgsync

  • Fill out this form and attach your budget proposals to it 

  • Budget templates can be found in the "Budget Proposal Template* folder to the right

  • **No emailed budgets will be reviewed**

  • All submissions are due by midnight, April 19

Appeals Process

  • Click title above for link -- also found on Orgsync

  • If you would like to appeal your allocation decision, submit an appeal by midnight on Sunday after receiving your allocation decision

  • The appealed budget will be presented before the Student Government Association Senate

Fall Funding Process Meeting Date and Time

  • Fall Funding Process will take place on Saturday, April 23rd in the A&E Conference Room beginning at 10am
  • Meetings will be scheduled every 15 minutes
  • If there are religious conflicts, please notify sgabusiness@ithaca.edu at your earliest convenience so that accommodations may be arranged

Additional Resources

  • For standardized prices on common items, please see our list in the "Budget Proposal Templates" folder to the right

  • If you are travelling, please use our "Fuel Equation" in the "Financial Resources" folder to the right

  • For more detailed information on the Funding Process, please view the Funding 101 document in the "Financial Resources" folder to the right

  • For more detailed information on what is able to be funded by SGA, please view the Allocations Handbook in the "Financial Resources" folder to the right