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Student Body President


Student government association is the preeminent student group/organization for access to institutional and administrative decision making and initiatives. I believe that as a student body, we can make positive change, strengthen what is already great, and help to make sure that Ithaca's "Commitment to Excellence" holds true and is sustainable.

SGA has access. including spots on committees, the administration's ear, and a formal availability to pursue initiatives. Some of the initiatives that we are working on now are as follows:

  • A comprehensive and student focused "Student Bill Of Rights"
  • A "State of the Student Address" from myself to the campus community each block.
  • Sharing sexual assault resources and information across campus.
  • Improving our system of funding student organizations. 
  • Re-igniting a conversation of sustainability on campus. 
  • Assessing and proposing a shared governance system at IC.
  • Working to increase academic excellence at IC.
  • Working with students to enact change 

IC is a special place for me, and I truly have found this campus to be home. I encourage you to work alongside us as we push for positive change.


carpe diem,

Dominick Recckio

Student Body President