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Student Body President

Sara and I studying abroad in London

Cedrick Michael-Simmons

More than any opportunity on this campus available for students, SGA has really proven to be an organization where we can be agents for change. From my issues with housing and financial insecurity, to my search for a major after transitioning from the Exploratory program, to planning events and meetings to spread awareness about inequality locally and globally, I wanted to join SGA in order to make sure that my individual experiences and passions can translate to change and action for the members of our community. 

As SGA President, I hope we can accomplish these tasks over the course of the year with the amazing Executive Board and Senate that makes up SGA:

  • Make outreach and engagement in the community (especially events and meetings sponsored and orchestrated by fellow students) our number one priority
  • Assist with the establishment of "Class Councils" 
  • Collaborate with and sponsor various activities/initiatives by student organizations that are geared towards service, addressing inequality, and spreading awareness about the issues that affect our constitudents
  • Provide ready access to information regarding opportunities for outreach and service on our campus community, and the greater Ithaca community
  • Create an atmosphere where dialogue, respectful and informed critique, and comfort for all of those present (which includes free coffee, tea, and hot chocolate at every meeting)
  • Establish a group effort to help define what SGA does, how we operate, and who we are (as service-leaders)
  • Use a variety of ways to ensure competition for each position within SGA next election year

I look forward to a great year, and I hope to make my parents, my college sweetheart (Sara Hart-Predmore), my hometown (Rochester, 585!), my fellow MLK Scholars, and the Sociology and CSCRE departments proud as I try to best represent our constituents and grow from this amazing community.