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Student Body President

Student Body President, Crystal Kayiza

I’m fortunate enough to be a part of many amazing groups on campus. Prior to becoming President of the Student Government Association, I served as Park School Senator.  I served as Political Chair for Created Equal—one the four LGBTQ groups on campus— and I am a Presidents Host in the Office of Admission. I’ve represented Ithaca at various schools during my time on the Model United Nations Team, worked on a variety of media productions, and participated in breaking stereotypes about the continent of Africa through African Students Association.

But more importantly, by attending IC I have the privilege of witnessing the brilliance and creativity of my friends and peers. I’ve witnessed student protests regarding the sustainability of our financial portfolio, watched the collaboration between our student athletes and media creators to produce professional productions on ICTV, and seen people find community within our various ALANA organizations.

We all contribute to the legacy of the IC community, and I strongly believe that Student Government is a forum for creating solutions regarding the issues of students at large. My goal is to reinforce the culture of inclusion within SGA. If diversity and acceptance is the mission statement of our school, I think that it's time we take part in making that happen. The experiences and perspectives on the Executive Board reflect our campus voice, and I am incredibly confidant that this team will work not simply as representatives of the South Hill, but servants to the student body.

SGA is a policy organization but I believe that that our role as policy creators should not limit the student’s voice. We are a platform, not a microphone. As President, one of my goals is to enforce the inclusion of the student voice in the recommendations and resolutions of SGA policy. During my administration, personal agendas will not supersede the immediate needs of our campus community.

I firmly believe that IC is ahead of the game when it comes to conversations on diversity and inclusion—but progress should not limit our potential. I will be an advocate for creating an accepting climate on our campus and hold teams, organizations, and departments accountable for creating an inclusive and diverse experience for all students.

I strongly believe in ALL THAT SGA can achieve. I trust that we can accomplish even more when consistently focusing on improving the student experience, on the students terms.