Orientation Faculty and Staff

Orientation Faculty and Staff

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Marlowe PadillaMarlowe Padilla
Roy H. Park School of Communications, Cinema and Photography

What's one task that new students or guests should make sure they complete at orientation?

Come to orientation with an open mind and enthusiasm! Here at Ithaca, you'll meet incredible people who may teach you a thing or two about yourself.  Be prepared to learn about all the wonderful things Ithaca College offers to its students and get ready to have fun!

What myth about orientation would you like to dispel?

"I won't meet anyone at orientation" - There will be time for you to meet other students who may be in your academic major,  be interested in your favorite sports team, like similar music, etc.  During my orientation, I took a chance and danced my heart out during the Orientation After Dark social.  I met other students and to this day we talk about what a great time we had.