Orientation Faculty and Staff

Orientation Faculty and Staff

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Chelsea Osterweil Chelsea Osterweil
School of Humanities and Sciences, Psychology

What myth about orientation would you like to dispel? Why should this myth be busted?

You are not in this alone! When you come to orientation, you are not expected to figure everything out yourself; you will have people surrounding you to help you, answer your questions, and make your experience the best it can possibly be! Remember, every other person who comes to orientation with you is facing the same new adventure.

What's one task that new students or orientation guests should make sure they complete at orientation?

Aside from all of the logistics, I would suggest that when you come to orientation, definitely try to take a walk around campus again! They don't get to show everything during the tours, so check different dining hall locations and even where your major's department is located! It's nice to get a feel for what the campus is like and what will be surrounding you for the next four years while you're at IC.