Orientation Faculty and Staff

Orientation Faculty and Staff

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Thomas BarkalThomas Barkal
School of Music, Music Education and Performance, Flute

What myth about orientation would you like to dispel? Why should this myth be busted?

During my orientation session, I met many first-year students who believed that hanging out on their own would be more fun than attending some of the orientation events. Make the most of the activities that are made available because they really do help you bond with other new students and learn much about the exciting opportunities on campus. Remember, you only have orientation once, so don't let it go to waste!

What's the best question students can ask each other at orientation to break the ice?

"What do you expect from IC this year? or What drew you to Ithaca College?" No matter what personality you may have, asking this question can help you learn many different things about a new acquaintance.