Transfer Orientation Guide

Welcome to your transfer summer orientation guide. All transfer students must attend the one-day mandatory transfer orientation. However, there is an optional extended transfer orientation for students seeking a more traditional overnight orientation experience.

  • Sunday, June 15 - Extended Transfer Orientation (optional)
  • Monday, June 16 - Mandatory Transfer Orientation

Review the information in each section below carefully and contact us with any questions you have along the way. We look forward to meeting you this summer!

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To-Do After OrientationTo-Do After Orientation
Complete the following action items after your summer orientation program.


  • July 18 – Housing lottery numbers posted via HomerConnect and housing selection opens

*Confirm your housing agreement and housing profile are completed to ensure a smooth housing selection and check in process.

  • August 9 – Start confirming your housing assignment on HomerConnect


  • July 15 - Last day to apply for Jumpstart pre-semester programs
  • August 4 - Complete first Alcohol. Edu online course before Aug. 21
  • August 10 - Last day to submit a waiver for the Student Health Insurance (this information will be updated in the next few months)


  • Start reading your First-Year Reading Initiative book and be prepared to for discussion when you arrive for the fall semester.
  • In July, you will receive a brochure from Student Financial Services and Dining Services that elaborates on meal plan choices.  You have two weeks into the semester in which you can switch your meal plan to meet your needs.
  • Learn about alternative transportation options or register your car (limited options for first-year students) with Parking Services before arriving in August.
  • In August, find helpful information on the Move-In website.

*New transfer students can check into their on-campus housing assignment on August 24.

  • Sign up for the transfer student listserve SHIFT - Supportive and Helpful Information for Transfers.
  • All new students attend Fall Welcome, August 24-August 26, prior to classes starting.
  • August 27 classes begin! (Best wishes for a successful first semester!)