Award-Winning Phi Kappa Phi Members

Annual Fall Awards

Named after distinguished Ithaca College faculty members who are past presidents of Phi Kappa Phi, the awards are made to students achieving the highest level of academic performance combined with exceptional depth and breadth of interest and outstanding community service. All 2014 winners will be contacted by the Phi Kappa Phi Executive Committee and invited to attend the Fall Awards and Induction Ceremony on November 14, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. in Klingenstein Lounge.


The Ithaca College Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi national honor society held its annual awards reception on November 8, 2013, in the Klingenstein Lounge of the Campus Center.

The Shirley Hockett Scholar: BENJAMIN VAN DE WATER, Music Composition/Theory
Benjamin Van De Water is a senior studying music composition and theory in the School of Music at Ithaca College. Ben graduated Hamburg High School in 2010 and is a native of Orchard Park, New York. At Ithaca College, Ben serves as treasurer of the Ithaca College Gamer Symphony Orchestra, a campus student organization, and conducts the College’s all male a cappella group, Ithacapella.  Ben also participates in Ithaca College’s Varsity Track and Field team, specializing in Pole Vault.

The John Bernard Scholar:   ANDREW BECKER, Biochemistry
Andrew Becker is a senior biochemistry major in the School of Humanities and Sciences at Ithaca College. Andrew graduated from Williamsville North High School in 2010 and is a native of Williamsville, New York. At Ithaca College, Andrew is the Director of Internal Communications for the Senior Class Cabinet, President of the Pre-Medical Society, President of the Diabetes Awareness Club, and a Group Leader for Ithaca College’s Relay for Life, which raises money for the American Cancer Society. Andrew also serves as a Teaching Assistant and Academic Enrichment Services tutor at Ithaca College for chemistry courses.

The John Harcourt Scholar:   MACY O'HEARN, Anthropology
Macy O’Hearn is a senior Anthropology major in the School of Humanities and Sciences at Ithaca College. Macy graduated from Lyman Memorial High School in 2010 and is a native of Lebanon, Connecticut. At Ithaca College, Macy is the President of the Anthropology Student Club.  She has presented professional papers of original research at NCUR, the National Conference for Undergraduate Research, as well as at the Northeastern Anthropological Association (NEAA), the New York State Archaeological society, and the James J. Whalen Conference of Undergraduate Research at Ithaca College. 

The Raquib Zaman Scholar:   LEE HENIG, Occupational Therapy
Lee Henig is a senior Occupational Therapy major in the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance at Ithaca College. Lee graduated from Susquehanna Township High School in 2010 and is a native of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. At Ithaca College, Lee is an active volunteer at Longview, a residential senior retirement community in Ithaca.  She is a member of the President’s Host Committee, as well as the Peer Network Engagement program.  Lee is the founder and President of Chug Ivrit, IC’s Hebrew Club, Treasurer for the Student Alliance for Israel, and the Vice President of the National Residence Hall Honorary.

Ithaca College Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi Presidential Scholar Awards Winners


Shirley Hockett Award

John Bernard Award

John Harcourt Award

Raquib Zaman Award


Sam Gates

Maria Barton

Brianna Gobetz

Katherine Oertel


Miriam Schildkret 

Kaylee Underkofler 

Alana Koehler 

Macy Sutton 


Allyce Barron

Jillian Neeley

Abigail Jamiel

Jacquelyn Simone


Madeline Smith

Matthew Zeitler

Joseph Fraioli

Allison Walker


Jill Cadby

Janelle Mackereth

Elizabeth Getman

Sarah Brylinsky


Nicole Cade

Lia Stelljes

Dana Cizmas

Stephanie Elowson


Nicholas Kunkle

Nitan Rajan

Megan Keenan

Michael Salvaggio


Dominic DiOrio

Matthew Pearsall

Andrew Dippell

Joseph Wladkowski


Sara Barasch

Barbara Bujak

Kristen Ryczak

Syrena Shirley


Todd Sandstrom

Matthew Sprague

Megan Sullivan

Nicole DeVita


Andrea Vedock

Tracy Robinson

Betsy Leach

Elizabeth Davis


Brian DeMaris

Amanda Rudy

Heather Harmon

Zachary Miner


Paul Fowler

Michelle Fura

Melissa Bernardin

Daniel Sternberg


Hans Van Der Schaaf

Brin Tucker

Karin ChunTaite

Dylon Curatolo


Matthew Hoch

Elizabeth Pender

Michele Moritis

Patrice Lyons


Shawna Cutting

Michael Axtell

Amy Childers

Anthony DeSare


Heather Young

Julie Quimby

Anna Thomas

Lisa Kline


Teresa Lemery

Lawrence D. Finger

Carrie Perfetti

Thomas Hoaglin


Pablo Cora

Angela Boniello

Natalya Shneyder

Marc Maloney


Ann Stewart

Monica Srodon

Thomas Boyd

Angel Houghton


Jennifer Kwiecinsky

Thomas Boyd

Lisel Gorell

Erika Schweitzer


Kirk Wallace

Jennie Menickelli

Lisa Sharfstein

Cynthia Warnokowski


Walter Eppich

Kristen Bjornberg

Susan Werking

John Sperry


Wendy Schaefer

Michelle Gibbons

Coleen Hubler

Heather Trypuc


Steven D. Wickham

Joseph M. Bliss

Richard E. Graef

Michele A. Tesbir


Jean M. Rodriguez

Teresa L. Longin

Jacqueline K. Szablewski



PKP Chapter President's Award

  • Dane Cash, 1997

The Michael Twomey Award

  • Kimberly Huth, 2002