Student Information

Student Learning Assessment

“Assessment is a process that focuses on student learning, a process that involves reviewing and reflecting on practice as academics have always done, but in a more planned and careful way.” (Assessment Essentials, Palomba and Banta, p.l)

Dana Student Internship Program

This program is designed to provide educationally valuable work experiences for those students currently receiving need-based financial aid from Ithaca College. Awards are highly competitive and are generally limited to current freshman, sophomore and junior students with a 3.0 GPA or above. These students may be awarded Dana Internships in addition to other forms of financial aid. To comply with INS regulations, international students who apply for an off-campus Dana Student Internship during the summer must enroll for credit and demonstrate that the credit fulfills a curricular requirement for their degree.

Emerson Summer Internship Program

The Emerson Summer Internship Award is a college-wide program targeted to Senior students and provides the student with financial support for an undergraduate internship in either a domestic or international setting. The Emerson Internship Program will award one internship per school. The Dean of each school can nominate one student. Each award will be up to $3,000. The internship must be credit bearing and completed during the summer months.

Students' Right to Petition

Each currently enrolled undergraduate student has the right to petition the provost to waive any of the all-College academic regulations and to review any other academic problem that has not been resolved first by the instructor, or subsequently by the department chair, and then by the dean.

The student should submit a written petition to the dean with a copy to the department chair and the faculty member involved. The dean sends the petition to the provost, along with his or her recommendation. Each petition is considered by the provost on an individual basis and is decided based on the facts that pertain to the particular student's situation. When it is appropriate and feasible, the provost consults with the individuals involved before making a final decision.

Special Academic Opportunities

Ithaca College encourages students to seek out and apply for Special Academic Opportunities (SAO), including nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships such as the Rhodes Scholarship and the Marshall Scholarship awards. Many SAOs require institutional nomination, and interested students are encouraged to think about the application process well in advance of national deadlines. High academic achievement and a record of campus leadership are the most important requirements for most of these awards. Please consult the link to the National Association of Fellowship Advisers (NAFA) for a description of national scholarships and fellowships; relevant deadlines are also provided. If you are considering applying for an award that requires Ithaca College nomination (or would simply have questions you would like answered), contact Hugh Egan (Department of English) who serves as faculty coordinator for Special Academic Opportunities at Ithaca College.

James J Whalen Academic Symposium

The annual James J. Whalen Academic Symposium celebrates the tradition of student and faculty collaboration in research and creative activity at Ithaca College and the continuing support that President Whalen provided for this work during his presidency from 1975 to 1997. The Symposium affords students the opportunity to give oral presentations on their senior and honors thesis projects and independent research, and to present their original creative work in the arts, including music, theater, film, and two- and three-dimensional art. Attended by students, faculty, and the larger community, the Symposium is a high point in the academic year.