Core Experience

Core Experience Task Force: Final Report

Executive Summary

In its interim report (March 2004) the Core Experience Task Force provided substantial context
to its deliberations even as the task force recognized that in its second and final year specific
recommendations would comprise the bulk of its work. This final report, then, will not repeat
materials included in the interim report though we urge review of that report.

In 2004-2005 the Core Experience Task Force focused on two principal goals:

First, what we began to call an “attribute list,” that is, brief statements of attributes or learning
goals to which all Ithaca College students would aspire by graduation. The attribute list was
derived from discussion activities within the task force and with representative college
community groups. Considerable support exists for the attribute list. The attribute list follows:

  • Lifelong Learning - The development of intellectual curiosity and the research skills to
    pursue it.
  • Competence - The development of discipline-specific knowledge and skills and the
    interdisciplinary linking of that knowledge to other fields.
  • Communication Skills - The ability to read, write, speak, and listen well, and the ability to
    use communication technology effectively.
  • Critical Thinking - The ability to acquire, comprehend, analyze, and synthesize
    knowledge and information from print, electronic, and media sources.
  • Aesthetic Appreciation - Recognize the variety of artistic expression and appreciate
    aesthetic perspectives and endeavors.
  • Personal Development - The ability to collaborate with others as peers and as leaders,
    resolve conflicts cooperatively, assume personal responsibility, and create and live
    intentionally by values/ethics.
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility - The ability to understand, appreciate, and
    think critically about cultural complexity, sustainability, and diversity and the
    development of a global perspective.

This list assumes that Ithaca College students have rich curricular experiences in majors,
minors, elective choices, as well as opportunities through the many co- and extra-curricular
opportunities available at the college. Development of the attributes does not occur solely as
a result of the recommended core experiences. Rather the attribute list represents aspirational
goals for all Ithaca College students achieved through a combination of core, curricular, and
co-curricular experiences.

Second, following the activities discussed in its interim report, the Core Experience Task
Force began to influence the six core experiences listed below, some of which were being
developed by other campus groups, and presented at greater length starting on page 6.

Six core experiences are being recommended:

  • New Student Orientation
  • The Ithaca Seminar
  • The IC Residential Seminar
  • Aesthetic Appreciation Experience
  • Capstone Experience
  • Learning Portfolio

For consistency’s sake we will present each of the six recommendations in one page with a
common format, hoping that this presentation will facilitate the kind of distribution and
discussion appropriate to these recommendations.

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