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Davies-Jackson Scholarship

The Davies-Jackson Scholarship offers top academic students who are able to demonstrate significant achievement in the liberal arts the chance to study internationally.  This opportunity is specifically designed for students who will benefit from the rigorous and in-depth approach to education that characterizes the Cambridge experience.  The Scholarship is open to students who wish to study Archaeology and Anthropology, Classics, Economics, English, Geography, History, History of Art, Modern and Medieval Languages, Music, Philosophy, Social and Political Sciences, or Theology and Religious Studies.


A two-year, full scholarship at St. John’s College, the University of Cambridge, England, to senior graduates.  The award covers all fees, room and board during term-time for two academic years and maintenance expenses during summer break.  Travel to and from England will also be covered.  The value of the scholarship is approximately $50,000, depending on prevailing exchange rates.  Up to two (2) scholarships may be awarded.


Student must be among the first in their families to graduate from college, and they must show a top-grade academic record, demonstrate a flexible, inquiring, and disciplined mind, as well as have a clear and literate writing style.  

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Application must be received in the Provost’s Office by October 15, 2009.

Completed applications are due in November 2009.





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