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William E. Simon Fellowship for Noble Purpose

The Intercollegiate Students Institute (ISI) established the William E. Simon Fellowship for Noble Purpose for graduating college seniors who are dedicated to pursuing lives that will benefit themselves and their fellow men and women – that is, lives of “noble purpose.”  The Simon Fellowship is funded by the John Templeton Foundation, created by renowned international investor Sir John Templeton to encourage a fresh appreciation of the importance for all peoples and all cultures – of the moral and spiritual dimensions of life.                                                                  


Three Fellowships for Noble Purpose are awarded each year.  The top award is $40,000.  Two additional fellows are chosen to receive grants of $5,000 each. Other discipline-specific graduate fellowships awards are available as well, and listed on the web site.


In addition to their mature conception and passion for what they hope to accomplish nominees for the award are evaluated on the basis of their academic records and extracurricular activities.

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Applications for the Simon Fellowship must be received in the Provost’s Office by December 12, 2009. Complete applications are due by January 16, 2010. Other dates apply for discipline-specific fellowships.



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