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Rotary World Peace Scholarship

This program offers 70 Rotary World Peace Scholarships annually for two-year master’s degree or certificate programs in international relations, peace studies and conflict resolution as one of seven Rotary Centers for International Studies located at prestigious institutions around the globe.


Funding is provided to cover round trip transportation, one month of intensive language training (if approved by the Foundation), required fees for a normal course load, reasonable room and board, and some educational supplies. The Foundation will not pay additional costs resulting from personal living preferences.  Generally, awards range between US $13,000 and US $25,000, depending upon actual costs of the original study institution.  Applicants who request and are assigned to an institution where costs exceed the maximum available must pay all additional costs. 


Applicants must have completed at least two years of university or college course work, or must have a secondary education and have been employed in a recognized vocation for at least two years, when the scholarship begins.  All applicants must be citizens of a country in which there is a Rotary Club.  Initial application must be made through a local Rotary Club in the applicant’s legal or permanent residence, or place of full time study or employment.  Persons with disabilities and members of Rotary clubs are eligible and are encouraged to apply.

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Application deadlines vary by Rotary Club, and deadlines may be as early as March 2009 and as late as July 15, 2009 (of the year preceding study abroad). 


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