Application Forms for External Funding

External grants are binding contracts between the sponsoring agency and Ithaca College. As such, applications for both federal and private and family foundation grants require routing through Sponsored Research for approval by Ithaca College administration.  The routing process ensures that proposals are supported by the administration and adhere to Ithaca College policies.  Applicants are encouraged to discuss forthcoming proposals with their department chair and dean in advance of the routing process.

An Intent to Submit Form should be completed and submitted 6-8 weeks in advance of the application submission date.  The form is submitted electronically and content will be routed for approval by the Sponsored Research director, dean, department chair, and Finance and Administration.

The Accelerated Routing Form should be completed and submitted two weeks in advance of the submission date.

If you are applying for federal funds, please plan to submit your proposal 1 week in advance of agency submission deadline.

Call 274-3113, or email for assistance.


Notable NSF Grant Proposal Guide Changes Affecting FY2014 Proposals