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Does Your Project Need HSR Review?

It may be sometimes difficult to tell if a project needs to be reviewed by the HSR. Your research project should be submitted to HSR if it involves the collection of data from human subjects and fits the definition listed as follows. “Research” is defined as a systematic investigation designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge through public dissemination such as published articles, presentations, and poster displays.

NOTE: If there is a possibility that the results will be published, cited in another paper, presented on a poster display, used in a thesis or essay, for example, the project should be reviewed by HSR –  retrospective review is NOT possible.

The following research proposals that fit the criteria listed above should be filed with HSR:
•    All research involving human subjects conducted on campus by anyone, i.e., College-affiliated researchers (including faculty, staff, students, and administrators) and outside personnel.
•    All research involving human subjects conducted by anyone affiliated with the College whether the research is conducted on campus or off campus.

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