The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is responsible for assessment and oversight of all activities conducted by and at Ithaca College that have direct impact on the well-being of animals. As the agent of the College responsible for the College’s program for humane care and use of animals, IACUC reviews and approvals protocols for the care and use of vertebrate animals in research and/or teaching.

IACUC is a standing committee established to ensure compliance with the Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals in accordance with National Institutes of Health (NIH) Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals and the Ithaca College Policy Manual.

Investigators or instructors planning to use vertebrate animals in research and/or teaching should contact the IACUC prior to the start of such activities to determine whether an IACUC - approved animal protocol is needed.


For protocol forms or questions about animal care and use policies, specific reviews, procedures, and all other technical matters, please send an email to: 


FAQ provided upon request.