IC 20/20: A Vision for the Next Decade

What will Ithaca College look like in 2020? IC president Tom Rochon is asking task forces, committees, cabinets, and councils to contribute to a bold new 10-year strategic plan for the College. “We are rethinking what it means to be a learning community,” says President Rochon, who seeks to transform the College in five ways:

  1. Encourage integration across IC’s five schools

  2. Create a distinctive “Ithaca Experience” for students that combines IC’s strengths in professional preparation and the study of liberal arts

  3. Expand Ithaca’s graduate degree offerings

  4. Raise the sights of our students through the academic quality and challenging nature of our educational experiences

  5. Continually improve the student-learning experience by reviewing and refining College policies and practices

In addition, the plan calls for a renewed commitment to civic engagement and an emphasis on diversity.

Originally published in Fuse: IC 20/20: A Vision for the Next Decade.