President Rochon Announces Membership of Academic Roundtable

President Thomas Rochon has announced the membership of a faculty Academic Roundtable that he and provost Kathleen Rountree are organizing.

The Academic Roundtable will meet periodically through the fall semester to develop ideas on ways to further build upon the tradition of excellence in the educational mission of Ithaca College.

Early in the spring semester, it is anticipated that the Academic Roundtable will prepare a brief report on its thoughts and conclusions. The most promising of those ideas may feed into the strategic visioning process that IC will undertake during the 2008-9 academic year.

Members of the Academic Roundtable will be:
  • Stan Seltzer, chair of the Faculty Council Executive Committee
  • Lee Byron, Humanities and Sciences
  • Dennis Charsky, Communications
  • Maria DiFrancesco, Humanities and Sciences
  • Don Ekrich, Business
  • Claire Gleitman, Humanities and Sciences
  • Diane Long, Health Sciences and Human Performance
  • Shaianne Osterreich, Humanities and Sciences
  • Susan Swensen, Humanities and Sciences
  • Dana Wilson, Music

President Rochon and Provost Rountree thank the many faculty members who offered to participate on this discussion group.

Any faculty, staff and students interested in joining President Rochon as a colistener in the Strategic Visioning for Academic Excellence are invited to send their names to by Monday, October 6.

Originally published in Intercom: President Rochon Announces Membership of Academic Roundtable.