Standing Committees

Committee for College-wide Requirements (CCR)

In fall 2011 the Provost, working with the Executive Committee of the Faculty Council, initiated formation of a body that would compile, review, and synthesize material generated for the Integrated Core Curriculum (ICC) in order to develop the final details of the ICC structure. This committee, approved by the Faculty Council in September of 2011, was named the Committee for College-wide Requirements (CCR). Point one of the CCR charge reads: “Proposals for college-wide requirements would normally be developed by a task force appointed by the Provost/VPAA or Faculty Council. In some instances CCR may be asked to develop a program that has been designed conceptually by such a task force and approved in principle by the faculty.” In other words the CCR is tasked with taking curricular designs and suggestions from faculty in all schools, individually and through their respective curriculum committees and deans, and proposing a detailed implementation plan including associated academic policies. One member of the CCR serves as a faculty liaison to the Academic Policies Committee in part to help articulate the curriculum approval process.   The CCR represents all schools through its elected members, who have the responsibility for defining the final curricular elements of the (ICC). The CCR compiles, reviews, and synthesizes college-wide general education requirements and structural elements of the ICC based on input from faculty committees and task forces from all schools. The CCR has authority to approve (or recommend to the Academic Policies for approval) elements of the implementation of the ICC.  

CCR meets on Mondays 3pm in the Founder's Room, PRW Center during the Fall 2014 semester. 


Current members of the CCR (for fall 2014 semester):


Michelle Bradshaw, Assistant Professor

At Large Member


Paul Geisler, Associate Professor

At Large Member


Barbara Johnson-Root, Professor

School of Health Sciences and Human Performance


Ari Kissiloff, Assistant Professor

Roy H. Park School of Communications


Hormoz Movassaghi, Professor & CCR Co-chair

School of Business


Sharon Stansfield, Associate Professor (on sabbatical)

School of Humanities & Sciences


John White, Associate Professor & CCR Co-chair

School of Music


ICC Designation Committee Members


Director of the Core Curriculum

Danette Johnson, Vice Provost for Academic Programs


Additional information about the ICC is available on the ICC webpage: