A World of Systems

Every aspect of our daily lives occurs within a host of systems: physical, political, economic, technological, social, and creative at both local and global levels. Some are visible, but most are not, at least not without prompts that bring them into focus. And once they come into focus, it often becomes clear that the boundaries of a system are in the eye of the beholder. There is no question, however, that becoming familiar with the many overlapping systems that define our existence is going to be crucially important for navigating the 21st century. Courses that align with this theme will explore systems and systems thinking through a variety of disciplinary perspectives, developing both an awareness of systems and the ability to recognize which systems most influence their personal and professional aspirations.

Potential Inquiries:

  1. What is systems thinking and how is it relevant to every discipline at Ithaca College?
  2. How have different systems of philosophical, literary, religious, and historical thought shaped the values we live by?
  3. What are the key social, political, and economic systems that affect our lives and how do we recognize them?
  4. How do our systems of communicating and organizing information affect our lives?
  5. How do technology and the development of technology fit into the world of systems?
  6. What are the key systems that support life on this planet? How have systems of scientific methodology, and the knowledge we have obtained by them, changed over time?


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