Mind, Body, Spirit

The exploration of the mind, the body, and the spirit is a lifelong endeavor in understanding others and ourselves. Learning, becoming aware of, and understanding the interaction of these phenomena is a process that begins in infancy and continues throughout life. Striving for balance among them is integral in the construction and makeup of the healthy self and is a challenge that allows us to nurture and explore the potential for growth in all areas. Understanding their differences is essential as well. For example, when one thinks of the spirit, does one include the soul, and is the soul separate from the mind? Courses that align with this theme will address the role that the mind, the body and the spirit each play, individually and as an integrated whole, in our growth throughout life.

Potential Inquiries:

  1. How does the mind work? How does one maintain a well-exercised mind?
  2. How does the body work?
  3. What is the spirit? Is it distinct from spirituality? How is it connected to other parts of life?
  4. What are the challenges to creating healthy communities? And how do these challenges affect other social outcomes?
  5. How does one or a community foster harmony among the mind, body and the spirit?



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