Frequently Asked Questions

How do a I write an abstract? Can you provide a sample abstract?


Your abstract should state the title of your presentation, your name, and your faculty sponsor's name at the top of the page. The body of your abstract should summarize your research in 250-500 words.

For sample abstracts, please go the the Abstract section of the webpage.


For students interested in pursuing a presentation award, the submission of an extended abstract of 500 to 700 words is necessary by March 3, 2014. Your extended abstract should address the following four elements. Guiding questions have been provided to focus your writing:
1. Background: Why You Created Your Work

2. Methods: How Your Work Came to Be

3. Results: How Your Work Turned Out

4. Discussion and Conclusions: What Your Work Means

Supporting materials including charts, graphs, images, choreography documentation or musical scores are encouraged, but not necessary. It would also help the awards committee for students to include a working bibliography or list of references. If you cited any sources of information—articles, books, book chapters, websites, and personal communications - they MUST be listed in your extended abstract. These items are not included in the 500-700 word limit.