Message From President Rochon

Dear presenters at the Whalen Symposium,
Congratulations on your successful presentations of your original research and creative work at the Whalen Symposium!  As I am sure you noticed, there is enormous personal growth that comes from defining and refining your research topics, gathering the necessary inspiration, information or evidence, and then writing up and presenting your results.  As a member of the audience for some of the presentations and poster sessions, I was inspired by your commitment to your topics and the depth of expertise you have developed in such a short time.  I wish I could have attended every one!  Bravo!
You might or might not be aware of how unusual it is for undergraduate students to get the kind of expert mentoring that IC faculty routinely provide.  It is one of the things I am most proud of about our college.  If you haven’t already done so I hope you will tell your faculty mentor how much she or he has meant to you in the course of developing your project!
Again, congratulations on your wonderful accomplishments.  As Dr. Sean Eversley Bradwell put it in his opening address at the Symposium, this is the moment when our students “show and prove” what they are capable of.  You have certainly done all that and more!
Best wishes,
   Tom Rochon