Ithaca College
Spring is here, which means it is time to figure out how you can be involved in this year's Celebration of Service. As faculty, staff, and students are seeking out tradition at Ithaca College, we are proud to count this event as one of our College's finest ones. Now in its sixth year, this event has grown into an annual day to recognize the service efforts of our many community members and reflect on the importance of giving back.

General Information

1. What is the Celebration of Service?

On March 28, 1998, President Peggy Williams was inaugurated as Ithaca College's seventh president. In honor of this special day and to recognize President Williams' commitment to service, the college hosted the first Day of Service. Although it was originally intended as a one-time inaugural event, the campus community responded so positively to it that it was established as an Ithaca College tradition. In 2000, the name was changed to "Celebration of Service" so that the event more accurately acknowledged the high volume of year-long community service that is performed by Ithaca College faculty, staff, and students.

2. When is the event?

April 11-12, 2003 are the official dates of Celebration of Service. We do have programs starting on the 10th and ending on the 15th of April.

3. So you're telling me I have to perform community service on April 11-12?

Of course not! We are asking you to join in if you can in our slate of activities or plan one of your own. BUT, the main purpose of this event is to CELEBRATE the great work you do all year long. And what a better way to celebrate by joining in one of our FUN and EXCITING events planned for the Celebration of Service.

4. My organization or office would LOVE to organize a project for the Celebration of Service, what do I do?

If you already have a project in mind, or it is something you do annually as an office, etc. then let us know by e-mailing We will try to publicize your event and let people know what your group is doing as one of the many events occurring during Celebration of Service. You can also submit a poster or display of your service project.

5. Do I have to participate in everything or can I pick and choose by event?

The Celebration of Service is designed so that you can see how EASY it is to volunteer. Even if you take five minutes out of your day to stop by the "Celebrate YOUR Service" fair, you will still be participating in the Celebration of Service. Just think if everyone on campus decided to perform even a small act of service what would be accomplished!

6. If I have questions about the celebration or any of the events who do I ask?

ASK US! There are many ways to get in touch with us! Stop by our office, 319 Egbert Hall. Call us at 274-1380. Email us at Visit the Celebration of Service lobby table April 7-11th.

7. Who can participate in these events?

ANYONE!! Faculty, staff, classes, groups, individuals, students, community members, Presidents, etc. etc. etc. All Celebration of Service events are open to the Ithaca College Community and the public.

8. Why do I keep seeing giraffes on everything?

The Campus Center Community Service motto is stick your neck out...and who better to represent that than a giraffe. Check out these fun giraffe facts:

  • The giraffe's heart is huge; it weighs up to 25 pounds, is two feet long, and has walls up to three inches thick! All great volunteers have big hearts!
  • Giraffe footprints are 12 inches long and 9 inches wide. All volunteers leave big shoes to fill.
  • Giraffes are fast and can reach speeds of up to 35MPH. All volunteers are quick to lend a hand.
  • Giraffes form herds that try to include elders, young calves, males, and females. Herd leadership is divided among all members. All great volunteers aspire towards diversity.
  • Giraffes rarely lay down; they even sleep and give birth standing up. All volunteers work hard.
  • The giraffe is the world's tallest animal and when eating from the acacia tree carefully avoids the thorns.
  • All great volunteers look above & beyond the trees.

A. Ozolins, Ithaca College Office of Creative Services, 6 April, 2003