Life after Seinfeld,
Life after IC

Reunion '98 features sun and fun in abundance

by Keith Davis

What was it like keeping the script for the final Seinfeld episode under lock and key? Is the old administration building still down there next to Buffalo Street? Did my old roommate check in yet? A lot of questions were asked during Reunion ’98, and the answer to that first one came from George Doty IV ’92 (pictured, right), who came back to South Hill to talk about his years as script coordinator with the late, lamented Seinfeld show.

"It wasn’t fun, trying to keep a secret like that," Doty said, referring to the efforts to keep the script of the final show under wraps. "Security came down to me, as script coordinator."

Reunion keynote speaker Doty spent 45 minutes talking to a nearly full house of interested alumni, faculty, and staff about his experiences working on the Emmy Award–winning television show. Coordinating the writers’ edits, making sure the right version of the script got to the right people, and anticipating the not-so-predictable were all part of his job. Details, details, details. What it all came down to, though, was that last detail — keeping the final episode a secret from news media hungry enough to hire a helicopter to hover over the studio.

"Usually we distribute between 80 and 100 scripts," Doty said. "But there were only 10 copies of that final one. It was 152 pages long and every page was given a serial number. Each actor and producer signed his or her copy out and signed it back in when they were done with it and each page got checked. There was only one electronic copy and I kept that on my laptop, which went everywhere with me. I even slept next to it."

Doty will always remember that episode in his life, but he’s on to new things now. He was in the job search process when he came back for Reunion, hoping to land a writing position on a new TV show. We’re happy to report he did: he’s writing for a new show on UPN called Guys Like Us.

"I’m looking forward to seeing my first credit as a produced writer. In the meantime, it was really great to have been back for Reunion," he says. "Not just because I gave a talk, but I also ran into six or seven friends I hadn’t seen since college, including my sophomore roommate. We had a great time getting reacquainted."  


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