Fall 2014:

  • Registration for Block I and Semester courses is closed.

  • Registration for Block II courses is open until October 24th.
  • Withdrawing from a Course:
    Last Day to Withdraw with a "W"
            in Block I courses has past - this is no longer an option.
            in Semester courses is November 5th.
            in Block II courses is November 21st.
            in Graduate courses is November 21st.

Spring 2015:

  • The Spring Class Schedule is now viewable in HomerConnect..
  • Time Tickets assigned based the data in HomerConnect as of the morning of October 24th.
  • Time Tickets will be viewable by noon on October 27th.  The exact time you can begin to register is on your time ticket.  Add/drop for spring registration remains open until January 26th.
  • While the day you register is based on your earned credits, the time that you register is RANDOM.
  • Spring registration opens November 10th - 14th.
    • Mon, Nov 10  - OT & PT GR Students &
                               Special UG Populations
    • Tue, Nov 11   - All other GR Students &
                               UG Students with 90+ earned credits
    • Wed, Nov 12  - UG Students with 60 - 89.99 earned credits
    • Thu, Nov 13   - UG Students with 30 - 59.99 earned credits
    • Fri, Nov 14     - UG Students with less than 30 earned credits