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Spot-a-Mug is run by both REMP and IC Dining Services. When you are "spotted" using a refillable mug, you'll receive a coupon redeemable for a free 16-oz coffee from Dining Services!  Since we started this program in 2006, it just keeps growing, and hundreds of coupons have been given out so far. You can now be "spotted" using a refillable water bottle, using a reusable bag at the Bookstore or Macs, going tray-less in the dining hall (to reduce food waste), and for being spotted correctly sorting compostables, recyclables from your trash.

We want to help students get started using sustainable alternatives to everyday habits, like using refillable travel mugs rather than disposable paper cups - thousands of students throwing away paper coffee cups every day really adds up.  We want to do our part in limiting excess landfill waste and making IC a more sustainable place!

REMP thanks IC Dining Services for their generosity in providing these coupons year after year.