Office Supply Collection and Reuse (OSCAR)

OSCAR is a program to collect and redistribute reusable office supplies among Ithaca College faculty and staff, offices, departments. OSCAR is a place where you can bring unwanted but useful supplies from your office so that other departments on campus can use them. It's also a place to find usable items, donated by others, for your office. Don't keep surplus items cluttering up your space...bring them to OSCAR. Stop by OSCAR before you purchase new supplies. OSCAR is a FREE service.

See where it all began: University of Vermont

Items frequently found at OSCAR:

  • Manila/pendaflex folders
  • Rolodexes
  • Floppy disc storage boxes
  • Ink cartridges
  • Paper clips, rubber bands and binders
  • 3-ring binders
  • Obsolete stationery (for scrap paper)
  • Desk accessories
  • Campus mail envelopes
  • Video/audio tapes
  • Any SMALL and LOW-VALUE item

Location: OSCAR is located in room 196 Phillips Hall across from the Education Department. (THEY DO NOT HAVE A KEY FOR OSCAR!)

OSCAR cart: OSCAR also has the capability to come to you! If you never have the time to stop by OSCAR, or just keep forgetting, this is for you. If you have items to donate to OSCAR please submit an on-line service request through the Office of Facilities: /facilities/src/