Frequently Asked Questions

What access to phone and television do I have in my room?

Telephone and cable television outlets are available in each student room (suites and some apartments may have additional outlets in the common rooms). Local and 9-1-1 phone service is available by contacting Information Technology Services at (607) 274-3282 to opt in to the service. Long distance service is not available.

Cable service at Ithaca College is provided by Time Warner of Ithaca. Students will need to visit the Time Warner site to contract for service prior to arriving on campus. Ithaca College is not listed on the Time Warner site as one of those with contract service plans available. Use the "Don't see your college listed? Click here" link.

All inquiries as to service available, pricing, and all maintenance requests should be directed to Time Warner at (607) 272-3456. The coaxial cable students will need to connect their television to the cable outlet is not supplied by the college. If a student changes rooms during the academic year, it is up to the student to contact to Time-Warner to change or cancel their cable service.

For students who do not wish to maintain a television in their room, basic cable service is provided to the TV Lounge in traditional residence halls.