Amenities and Services

Telephone, Cable TV, and Computer Access

Direct campus network connections are available in all residence hall rooms and apartments. You will be able to connect your computer directly to the campus computer network and the Internet using an Ethernet cable. Ethernet cables are available for purchase at the Campus Bookstore.

You must set up an account with Apogee in order to access the Residence Hall Computer Network (ResNet). Basic service is free-of-charge with an upgrade package available for an extra fee. You can set up your Apogee account at or by phone at (877) 478-8893.

Residential areas of campus now offer "wireless" access to student and staff computers. However, personal wireless routers are not allowed to be used with student or staff computers that are "plug" connected to the campus network.

There are also 15 computer labs with over 300 computers available for student use throughout the campus. Dedicated computer labs are available 24-hours-a-day. These are locate in Lyon Hall (residents of the Honors Program only), as well as in Terrace 03, East Tower, and West Tower. Check the Information Technology Services site for lab locations and hours.

A telephone and cable TV jack is in each student room (the coaxial cable needed to connect a television to the jack is not supplied by the college). Some apartments may have additional jacks. Opt-in local phone service is available by contacting the Computer Help Desk. Individual cable service is available from Time Warner (855) 225-7898 (students are responsible to arrange, change or cancel service).