Openings, Closings, and Breaks

Break Occupancy Requests

Residents (for Winter Break, a resident is a student who will retain the same room assignment during the Spring semester as they had at the end of the Fall semester) of Residence Halls that remain open during break periods may request approval to stay in their room or apartment, or that another student stay in their place using a Break Occupancy form.

You may not request that more than one student be approved to stay in your assigned space at the same time. You may not request that students of different genders be approved to stay in the same bedroom at the same time.

The Circle Apartments remain open year round. The Garden Apartments remain open for only breaks during the academic year. Terrace 03 and Boothroyd Hall remain open only during Thanksgiving and Spring breaks, and for the part of Winter break that the college remains open.

Break Occupancy Request form

Break Occupancy requests are due by 11:59 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the published closing date of each break.

I understand that by submitting this break occupancy request, I declare that ...

  1. all residents and occupant(s) of my room or apartment have thoroughly read and agree to comply with the Recess Housing requirements disclosed on this web site and the Break Closing Notice appropriate to the break occupancy period being requested.
  2. all residents of my room or apartment have granted permission to all non-resident student(s) listed on this request to reside in my room assignment.
  3. each Break occupant indicated is designated exclusive use of my assigned bed for the dates requested.
  4. I understand that I must surrender my room key to a break occupant that I host for the period they are authorized to reside in my assignment.
  5. an E-mail will be sent to my Ithaca College E-mail address approving or denying this request.