Policies and Procedures

Checking In

All students residing on campus must follow the room check-in process. Most of our residents check-in at the beginning of the Fall semester and remain in their room assignment for the entire academic year. Others returning from a semester away from campus as well as some new students check-in at the beginning of the Spring semester. All students who change room assignments during the academic year must also check-in.

During check-in, you will receive and sign for your room or apartment, and mailbox keys. When you are provided with keys, you will also receive a Room Condition Report (RCR) or Apartment Condition Report (ACR) form, or information about submitting the form on-line. This form should be promptly completed to reflect the condition of your room or apartment before you move in, and submitted in a timely manner.

No student is allowed to check in prior to their designated check-in date without prior written approval for Early Arrival. To assist our residents with their travel planning, Residence Hall openings and closings for the academic year are published as part of the Residential Life calendar.