Policies and Procedures

Check-out Inspection

Upon a student's vacating a room or apartment, the Residence Director (RD) will conduct a check-out inspection. This inspection may take place during an Escorted Checkout with the student present, but it will be conducted after students have vacated the room, suite or apartment in all other circumstances.

The RD will reference the Room Condition Report (RCR) or Apartment Condition Report form (ACR) that the resident(s) submitted to determine damage to furnishings and facilities (e.g., walls, windows, screens, mattresses, carpeting) and if college property is missing. It is important to note that if no RCR/ACR was submitted by the resident(s), furnishings and facilities will be considered in "like new" condition and present at the time the resident(s) checked in.

If the RD determines that the room or apartment, or its furnishings have been damaged beyond normal wear and tear (e.g., graffiti on surfaces, cracked windows, torn drapes, nails or hooks in walls), or if College property is missing (e.g, recycling bins, outlet covers, mattresses), all residents of the room or apartment will be assessed as equally responsible for the cost of repair and/or replacement. Only if a specific student or students take responsibility for the damage in writing, will the cost of repair be assessed exclusively to them.