Policies and Procedures

Circle Midyear Inspection

Residential Life staff will conduct apartment condition inspections in every Circle Apartment during the Winter recess (between the Fall and Spring semesters). A pair of professional staff members will inspect each apartment and document its condition.

The mid-year condition will be compared with the Apartment Condition Report (ACR) which residents submitted at check-in. If no ACR was submitted, the apartment and its furnishings will be considered in "like new" condition at check-in. Repairs will be completed as possible for all conditions deemed worse than what is considered normal wear and tear.

The mid-year inspection is designed to help maintain the Circle Apartments in good condition for current and future residents. This inspection is also designed to help educate residents about behaviors causing abnormal wear while the related damage is still minor in nature.

Repairs are typically completed during the Winter recess period, and we make every effort to restore the apartment to good condition. However, certain repairs (e.g., carpet repairs) cannot be completed before classes resume. These will be delayed until the Summer recess.