Policies and Procedures

If You Are Locked Out

If you are locked out of your room or apartment, you will need to produce your Ithaca College ID Card in order to obtain a lockout key. If you are locked out:

  • after 9:00 p.m. on a weekday, go to your Resident Assistant's (RA) door, look up the RA-on-duty and contact them.
  • before 12:00 p.m. (noon) on Saturday or Sunday, find an RA, call the Residence Director-on-duty, or call Public Safety at (607) 274-3333.
  • at all other times, go to your Area Office (if a Residential Life staff member is not available in the Area Office, you should attempt to find an RA for access to your room, apartment, or suite).

If you cannot produce your ID Card, you will be reminded that students should carry it at all times and asked to provide your Student ID number. If you cannot, you will be asked to wait for a roommate to return in order to gain access to your room.

If you live in a single room (or are locked out of a single bedroom in the Circle Apartments), or if you cannot wait for a roommate to return, you will be escorted to your room and required to produce your Student ID Card. If you still cannot, the Residence Director-on-duty will be contacted to determine what action will be taken.

These precautions help to ensure the safety and security of every student and their possessions.