Policies and Procedures

Post-Inspection Compliance

When each Health and Safety check is complete, the inspection form is submitted to your Residence Director. He or she will E-mail you as to any violations found and the date by which your room needs to come into compliance.

As part of the September check, your RA will explain to you what violations, if any, were found and what must be done to come into compliance. He or she will also give you an informational brochure which explains the Health and Safety process. There will be no fines or judicial sanctions for violations found during the September check unless you fail to come into compliance by the date specified or are involved in subsequent violations.

When a room or apartment not in compliance is re-checked after the compliance date, all of its residents will be referred judicially and subject to the applicable fine if the same violation exists or if new violations of Residential Life Rules and Regulations are noted.


Judicial fines remain static with each violation receiving a $25.00 fine. Judicial consequences are dependent on the severity of the violation and a student's prior judicial history. Judicial consequences escalate with subsequent violations.