Policies and Procedures

Refrigerators and Microfridges

Only one refrigerator or one microfidge is allowed per bedroom (you may not have a refrigerator and a microfridge). If you choose to bring a refrigerator or microfridge, be advised that you must show documentation that it meets the specific power, size, and electrical operating specifications set by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety which are summarized in the adjacent "Specifications and Restrictions" column.

Residents often find it more convenient to rent a refrigerator or microfridge from the Refrigerator Leasing Company. The company delivers to and picks up from campus as part of their service. It is a certain way to be sure that your refrigerator or microfridge meets Ithaca College's size and electrical standards.

Any damage to the residence hall or its furnishings resulting from a refrigerator or microfridge will be billed to the student(s) responsible for the appliance.