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Goal 1. Implement Department Diversity Statement
  • Identify ways in which we can incorporate the diversity statement in all of our processes
  • Require groups and committees to create practical applications of diversity statement at the beginning of each year
Goal 2. Continue to assess and improve diversity programming efforts
  • Create a programming resource manual with sample programs
  • Include diversity programming in Resident Assistant evaluations
Goal 3. Improve Resident Assistant staff training
  • Look at what we do for staff training on Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Train Resident Assistants on better diversity programming and inclusivity in advertising
  • Collaborate with other offices for training
  • Invite student groups to present training sessions
  • Look at Cross Cultural Leadership Retreat and Women in Leadership Retreat for additional training ideas
Goal 4. Examine and improve our responses to bias incidents
  • Create a resource guide on how-to best respond to bias-related incidents in the halls
  • Let community know what we are doing in response to incidents
  • Work with OPS and student groups to best address incidents
  • Develop methods to encourage reporting of incidents
Goal 5. Evaluate department diversity efforts
  • Include a question in staff end of the year reports regarding diversity efforts
  • Include diversity related work in professional and para-professional evaluations
  • Review results of diversity audit for possible implementation
  • Incorporate inclusivity into all departmental diversity efforts
  • Include more diversity information in professional and para-professional recruitment materials
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